Chronicle, Info, Inquiry, Riddle, Witness

Original States

Daughter ZION

Original Serpent with four tails, four holes and seven plus one heads (states) with ten plus one horns (kings, nations, governments, rules) and diademes (conventions, state religions, state parties, queens, priestesses, whores).

Paradise lost

First settlement and following colonisations of Mother Earth.

Concurrent tendencies

  1. Settlement
  2. Centralisation, Cities
  1. Division
  2. Conquest, Expansion, Colonies
  1. Unification, Union, Federation, Justification
  2. Conservation
  3. Destruction, Downfall
  4. Restitution



Israel and Edom


Chaldea Babylonia

Media Persia



Church State Vaticana

Constantina Constanza Byzantia

Slavia, Bulgaria

Asia (China, Nippon, Corea)



Europeia (Gallia, Germania, Franka, Deutschia, France, Austria, EU, ?)

Normannia Scandinavia

Afrabia (Africa Arabia)

Latina (Iberia, Porta Atlantica, Hispania, Brasilia, Bolivia)



Inter State Super State (League of Nations, United Nations, Science Fictional Inter Galactical Inter Star Super State)

Turkia (Hunnia, Mongolia)

Aria (Kurdia, Irania, Pakistania, India, Indochina, Indonesia)

Island States, Antarctica, Americas as Islands, Australia, Indiana States, Maya Mexica States, Inti Cusco State, Polynesia, Melanesia, Cyprus, Crete, Canaan States,

Cain (killed his brother and “king” Abel), Jews (“killed” their brother and king Jesus), Gypsies? Dissenters? Rohinya?

Mother ZION

Paradise regained, reformed


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