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Witness Wikipedia “Hartmannswillerkopf”

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Paradise Betrayal Places

There are many nice places on our Mother Earth that give us a good impression how paradise regained could look, feel, smell and taste: skies airs winds weathers mountains earths waters plants forests meadows animals humans gardens cattle houses paths fires But we should not trust on, that humans can regain paradise lost by Adam… Continue reading Paradise Betrayal Places

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Witness Wikipedia “2018 California Wild Fires”

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Witness Wikipedia “Paradise in California?”

Paradise (Kalifornien) – Wikipedia — Weiterlesen

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Witness Town of Paradise

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100 Years Remembrance European Armistice

A battlefield, the trenches, a cemetry or memorial of the big war 1914 to 1918 for the supremacy in Europeia would be a better place of remembrance than any nattionalistic triumphal arch in any nations capital. Greetings from Mister Trump. Me Uwe personally would have visited the Hartmann Willer Kopf Memorial or Historial today to… Continue reading 100 Years Remembrance European Armistice