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To Reinhold Messner

Dear Reinhold, please recitate us the last five sentences between you and your brother Günther 1970 on Mount Nanga Parbat.

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Second Letter To all Jehovahs Witnesses

You have embezzled me our Mother Zion. You will pay your Zion, Sion AND Zsion Penny now. Please do not deserve another night of the sherds! For the beginning i need 1500 euro every month for renouncing my EMR and doing my job properly! Please trust me and invest some money in my work. It… Continue reading Second Letter To all Jehovahs Witnesses

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To Lucy Azuma

Long time Irritation or Irrolution? You do not get my absolution, unless you pay your Zion, Sion AND Zsion Penny!

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Who shot the sheriff? And who will now care for the deputy? Please let him alive and hope he is worth it.



Wichser und Hurer als Dämonen Ficker!

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