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“Catholic” Resistance

against all super states, super state communities and supra partial, supra religious and supra confessional communities, especially

  • New Inter State Babylonia with all her lies
  • New Roma with all her brutality
  • New Elena with all her megalomania
  • New Super State Egypt with all her beer
  • and their supreme god Antijehovah


catholic = comprehensive, universal


Antisemiten, Antideutsche und Antinationalsozialisten haben ein minder wertiges feind bild, so dass sie meistens in die luft oder ins hohle schlagen und unabsichtlich die falschen treffen.


Antizions, Antichristusse und Antiisraels sind unsere größten feinde.

The enemies of

  • Father Jehovah
  • Mother Zsion
  • Christ Jesus Isa
  • Queen Israel
  • Mother Earth

are our most dangerous enemies too.

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