Slavery Continued

You cannot prohibit slavery without closing all prisons, brothels, hospitals and cemeteries!

You cannot prohibit slavery without prohibiting all slave holders inclusive Jehovah, Zion, Isa, Israel, Antijehovah and all earthen states!

This contradiction is responsible for the death of so many souls!

We better do not forbid slaves and slavery!

Denying slaves and slavery (Anti Slavery) is as worse as denying Jews and Judaism (Anti Judaism) or any other of the 12 tribes of the New Heavenly Israel or any other Zsion community (Anti Semitism or Anti Nicolauism or Anti Socialism)!

These possibilities are remaining to us:

  1. Renounce all Anti Slavery!
  2. Release all our Slaves! This is impossible for humans and demons, we cannot reanimate our dead or heal all illness or convince every sinner and criminal! Jehovah can do and has promised it, but no human and no demon can do this!
  3. Put all our Anti Slaves under Slavery!
  4. Stay liars and hypocrites or pharisees until our judgement!

Exit Anti Slavery First!!!!!


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