Improved Video Prompter

For recording songs with company.

Frames for ticker, tracks, Script Scrolling and Video in any combination and order.

  • Prompter Script Markup Language with
    • commentaries
      time marks for synchronisation
      breaks where ever and as long as needed
      music scores

    Few Audio and Midi Tracks for underlying or background script ticker, music, rhythm, melodie and noises before, while or after recording. So synchronising, jamming, improvising, imitating and going along or accompanying would be much easier.

    Recording, importing and exporting audio, photo, gif, midi, video.

    Simple single and multi track editor: cutting, copying and inserting.

    Prompter or Ticker Hyper Text Lingua

    Atoms or Elements




    rtime relative time

    atime absolure time

    time = rtime or atime

    Hypertext Modules

    [ begin hypertext

    ] end hypertext

    [block name hypertext]

    [new name hypertext] new line

    [line number] specified line

    [header text style] accentuated text

    [comment text] invisible comment

    [title text] over line

    [subtitle text] under line

    [timestamp name or number or time] timestamp or label


    [lines number]

    [direction rtl or ltr or down or up]


    {goto timestamp: number or time}

    {back rtime}

    {forward rtime}

    {repeat number module}

    {delay rtime}

    {wait atime}

    {if condition action1 else action2}

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