To the NHS

To the National Health System

Dear NHS.

The term disability should be improved to lessability. In fact there are no really disabled people, they all have a purpose and keep some remaining restricted but useful and beneficiary abilities!

The green lessability card should be rather red for a Zsion or gentile or social tribe or blue for egyptian slavery! Or would you prefer making climate activists, christians or elenics from all your lessabled?

Several of your A & E tried to torture or even kill me by not letting me sleep all night and treating me insufficient!

Some of your General Practitioners refused to treat me without reason or by claiming a several day registration process or sending me to the far and much more expensive A & E in the hospital.

The green and yellow ambulance or paramedic cars should be rather white and red!? Or would you keep on attracting and suffering a christian jacobine and or ellenic babylonian Albertitis infection? I suppose the British Heart Foundation or the Gentile Red Social Samaritans or the Red Cross could do a better job?

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