The Stages of Christian Mission

The Stages of Christian Mission

Religious Freedom AND Radiant Faith!

Mission Programme

Tell and proclaim the kingdom of god to Gentiles, Jacobines, Christians and Muslims.

Confess Jesus Isa Michael Immanuel Shiloh as her future King.

Sharing our Christ with as many as possible.

Teach the Cristian laws of love.

Care for all the needs of your neighbours.

Nurture new believers.

Make new disciples, by love not by force!

Baptize, but only new adult confessors, who want to become christian believers by their own will.

Christmas every day or at least every sunday. Return the Saturnalia to the Romans and Gentiles.

Private Holy Thursday Passover Supper every year!

We will reckognize all believers by their fruits, physical AND spiritual.

1 Our Christ’s Own Mission as Prophet on Earth

Announcer of his future heavenly government in the Kingdom Zsion.

Mark 1.14-15



2 Mission of the Apostles

John 20.21-22



3 Mission of the Early Christian Community

in the first Roman Century.




4 Mission of the Roman Catholics


5 Mission of the Reformers

While Jesus opening the seven seals of the prophets.

Luke 19.41



6 Mission since the Heavenly Inauguration of our Christ and his Government 1914

The Birth of his Bride our Queen New Heavenly Israel as his government and parliament



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