Irland Chronicle

Irland Chronicle

Pre Deluge Settlement?

First Settlement

Post Babylon confusion settlement?

Gaelic Ibernia

May be different waves of immigration and settlement from Gaul, Britain, Iberia, Scandinavia, the Atlantic ….

Canaanites and Phoenicians from the Mediterranean too?


Claudius Ptolemaios Ptolemy calls the island first mikra Brettania and then iouernia, while the bigger neighbour island megalo Brettania, later albion

The Romans call the ilands Britannia and Hibernia or Scotia.


Pope Celestine sends Palladius to the once called Scotti, landing in Arklow

some years later?

Patrick becomes first archbishop of Armagh, the primate of the island


Book of Kells


Saint Columba founds a mission on Iona

6th century

Scotis settling to North West Britannia, the future Scotland

9th century

Viking raids and colonies

1169-1171 English Norman Invasion

1171 Lordship of Ireland

1366 Statutes of Kilkenny

since 1500 planters or colonists from England

1533 Pope Clement 7 excommunicates Henry 8

1542 Crown of Ireland Act



1516 Martin Luther

Thereupon i felt myself to be reborn and to have gone through the open doirs into paradise. The whole of scripture took a new meaning ….. This passage (Romans.1.16,17) became to me a gate to heaven.

1517, Wittenberg, Luther publishs his beliefs at the church door

1520s, Patrick Hamilton to Paris

1528, Archbishop Beaton and the church condemned Hamilton back in Scotland preaching his new faith and burnt him at the stake in St. Andrews. His witness influenced more believers.

1546, George Wishart

1547, John Knox, the french capture St Andrews Castle, 19 months galley slave, 1549 he preaching in England, 1553 to Geneva of John Calvin

1553 – 58 Queen Mary Tudor

1542 Kingdom of Ireland

as client state of England and King Henry 8

1569-1573 and 1579-1583 Desmond Rebellions

Elizabeth 1

1585-1604 English Spanish War, 1588 Armada tries to invade England, Francis Drake

1586 Munster plantation

1593/94-1603 Nine Year War

Earl Hugh O’Neill of Tyron

1603 King James 4 of Scotland becomes James 1 of England, uniting the kingdoms of England, Scotland and Ireland

1605 Guy Fawkes, Gunpowder plot

since 1606 or 1609 Ulster Scottish plantation after flight of some Irish earls

1639-1653 British Civil War

16??-1658 Oliver Cromwell, born 1599

or Wars of the Three Kingdoms including

  • 3 English civil wars
  • English Revolution
  • 1641 Irish Rebellion
  • 1642-1652 Iriish Confederate Wars

1652-1660 Commonwealth Republic

1689-1691 Williamite Jacobite War

1688 Glorious Revolution

1707 as client state of the new Great Britain

both under Dublin administration?

1782 Legislative Independence until 1800

1800 Acts of Union

1801 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland


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  1. Once more we can see how difficult it is for a people to stay united. With Brexit there might be a great problem to keep to the Good Friday agreement. And to keep not only the peace in Ireland, but also in Scotland, where many might prefer to stay in the European Union.

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