To the Judges and Psychiatrists

To the Judges and Psychiatrists Dear judges and psychiatrists, in the trial on 15 March 1994 in Munich my judges sentenced ne by advice of their psychuatrist to medical treatment in hospital. There i was forced without need to take psychiatric designer drugs or medicines who made me half an eunuch! After many years of… Continue reading To the Judges and Psychiatrists


Third Letter To All Believers

Third Letter To All Believers especially Christians Dear co believers, all my life you told me uncomplete or wrong stories about our Gods, commandments, the Christ, Israel, Zsion or Zion or Sion, Love, Faith, our prophets, hollies and angels, Religion and Politics! I take you Christians serious now and our Christ as only mediator between… Continue reading Third Letter To All Believers


To Our Parliaments

To Our Parliaments I am not against you, but out of you! Now i would like to take some responsibility for our communities, but only with and for one of the best possible of the many!