Fifth Letter to All Believers

Fifth Letter to All Believers My dear believers world wide, Protestants are not better than Catholics and Catholics are not better than Jews and Jews are not better than Gentile National Socials and NS are not better than Protestants! They all and others committed manyfold murder and killing in the names of their states and… Continue reading Fifth Letter to All Believers


Fourth Letter To All Believers

Fourth Letter To All Believers My dear believers world wide, i am a Jehovah's Witness and an Evangelist too, but i never confessed Watchtower Societarian nor Methodist! These bad communities both want me make responsible and pay now for their second evil halves, without giving me any thing valuable! They both deserve a punishment! King… Continue reading Fourth Letter To All Believers


To The Irish Peoples

To The Irish People AND Peoples My dear irish peoples, your catholics have their prisoner holies and their bad news walls and the protestants their union jacks and victim memorials. Are you both blind? Your wars are between the future world powers Europe, UK or Britannia and America, not between catholic and protestant believers, not… Continue reading To The Irish Peoples