To Terry

To Terry Dear Terry, thank you for addressing me that evening and keeping your promise to bring me some thing the other morning. I regret that i was not showered to express more feelings and you were urged by going to your work, so we could not deepen our acquaintance.


Decree Z022 Extended Uwe Arthuri Balfourious Declaration

Decree Z022 Extended Uwe Arthuri Balfourious Declaration The earthen Israel state shall become a state for all 31 Israel tribes: the 14 Jackson tribes: the 12 ancient Israel tribes plus the 12 new heavenly Jackson tribes, from whom 10 are the same, only the ancient tribes of Dan and Ephraim are substituted by Joseph and… Continue reading Decree Z022 Extended Uwe Arthuri Balfourious Declaration


50 Percent Offer

50 Percent Offer Jesus offers us to wear 50 percent of our burdons, if we come under his yoke. Coming under his yoke means wearing his own cross like Jesus wore his own and wearing each others burdons if we have some power left. Wearing his own cross means finding one's own best and trying… Continue reading 50 Percent Offer