Land Reform or Exception State Tax

Land Reform or Exception State Tax

Every land owner or landlord gives 10 % of his assets in form of land or money once to build necessary defense fortification, fortresses and refuge cities.

The type of accounting, the selection of lands and the percentage is negotiable, of course.

It cannot be, that persecuters alone decide, who is persecuted and who is not.

And we should no longer distinguish the kinds of persecution! We can file them but should treat them equal in front of our laws!

In the heavenly government and nation New Israel every slave will be king, judge and priest and every king, judge and priest will be slave!

They should be the model for all our societies. We should neither forbid slavery or make every slave a land owner nor disown all rich and landowners totally. They are slaves, kings and priests by attitude not by property. These were two severe mistakes of our past. We should learn from them!

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