Decree Z023 Illegal Stay

Decree Z023 Illegal Stay

To the Captain of the Israel State, thankfor your hebrew letter.

Your organ “Population and Immigration Authority” tried to manage the borders of your state without suitable ability, responsibility and licence.

Therefore it will be reformed or replaced by another better suited organ in total accordance with the law of “Illegal Stay in our world wide Zsion State” from 29 November 2019, (which is only known to our legislators and not Mister Blank?!).

Therefore in accordance to the power vested to me by mothercock Zsion the captain of the Israel state has to remove the sick branches and organs from the Israel state and her territorial lands, waters, airs and spaces.

It is to our duty, to bring to your attention, that failure to comply with the above request, constitutes an offence against Human Rights and any state organ convicted by a judge of Israel of such offence is liable to be sentenced as criminal against humanity.

In the worst case the Israel state will be replaced by a better Zsion State.

For all 14 tribes of Israel:

Israel Tribes

  • Juda
  • Reuben
  • Gad
  • Asher
  • Nephthalim
  • Manasse
  • Simeon
  • Levi
  • Issachar
  • Zabulon
  • Joseph
  • Benjamin
  • Dan
  • Ephraim

There is a Judge in Israel!!!!!!

4 thoughts on “Decree Z023 Illegal Stay”

  1. Hi. I managed to translate the last section of your refusal document. It solves the mystery of your deportation. I posted the result but it was swallowed by your WordPress security again. Don’t you want to know why they deported you?


  2. Regarding the last two possibilities (4 and 5):

    Security prevention is a provision of the Israel Security Agency to the issuing body to prevent or condone issuing [entry] permits to the resident in the light of being a potential danger or danger to the state’s security. A resident whose application for a permit is refused will receive the refusal notice and the reason for the refusal, which could be security, police or administrative prevention. Apart from this, no further reasoning is provided by the Coordination and Liaison Director [מנהלת התיאום והקישור] who wishes to issue the entry permit.

    Source: Hebrew Wikipedia: היתר כניסה לישראל # מניעה ביטחונית (Google Translate)


  3. So… did they reveal any reason for not letting you in?

    1) My guess: they don’t accept political refugees from Germany… only tourists.
    2) Zeno’s guess: they asked you to show proof of financial means.
    3) Another friend’s guess: they asked you about your accommodation in Israel.
    4) They didn’t like your world view.
    5) No reason at all… or a secret reason…

    It’s a pity because you could enjoy a hot and dry winter on the Red Sea beach of Eilat city…

    However, accommodation in Israel is expensive… more expensive than in Belfast. Well, except in illegal Jewish settlements in Palestine, hahahah. (Golan Heights and the like.) It is very cheap there. Until it blows out.

    P.S. I wrote “Your blog destroyed my elaborate comment”. It should be “WordPress destroyed my elaborate comment”.


  4. Your blog destroyed my elaborate comment without warning only because it contained Internet links. This is one of many examples why I don’t like “ready cooked” systems like WordPress.

    Thankfully I had expected this to happen and I’d saved my comment beforehand. Here’s a new version with all Internet links censored and replaced by numerical references.

    Other issues with your blog:
    * it swallows numerical indices (1., 2., etc.),
    * it prints all quotations (regardless of length) in a font bigger than author’s voice.

    Dear Uwe,

    You wrote:

    in total accordance with the law […] (which is only known to us legislators)

    Let me drop what I found on the Internet regarding that matter:
    1) Hebrew Wikipedia article about the Law of Entry Into Israel (1952): [1].
    2) Full text of that law: [2].
    3) Sections 10 and 10א of that law (Google Translate): read Quotation 1 below.
    4) Legal commentary (Google Translate): read Quotation 2 below. Source: [3]. In short: “This may sound unusual and unacceptable, but it turns out that entering the State of Israel is not automatic for visitors who are not residents or citizens.”
    5) The obvious: “Holders of normal passports of the following 99 jurisdictions do not require a visa for Israel for a maximum stay of 3 months for tourism: All citizens of the European Union (…)”. Source: [4]

    Quotation 1:

    §10. Excluding anyone who is not allowed to enter:
    (א) The Minister of the Interior is allowed to keep away from Israel anyone who comes to Israel and is found not allowed to enter it.
    (ב) A border crossing officer may hold such a person in a place and a manner prescribed by the Minister of the Interior until his departure from Israel or until his removal from it.
    (ג) The captain of a ship or in charge of aircraft, train, a car or other transport vehicles who came to Israel must, at the request of a border crossing officer, drive from Israel any person who came by the same transport vehicle to enter Israel and was found not to be allowed to do so.
    §10א. Conditions for granting a foreign worker’s visa and license [Amendment: 2004, 572]:
    (א) No license shall be granted and no visa shall be granted to a foreign worker under section 2 unless medical certification within the meaning of section 1ב of the Foreign Workers Act has been issued and the fees under section 1י of the said law shall be paid.
    (ב) The Minister of the Interior may exempt a foreign worker from obtaining medical authorisation. Exemption under this section may be personal or for foreign workers, provided that exemptions for foreign workers are provided in consultation with the Minister of Health and the Minister of Trade and Employment.

    Quotation 2:

    This may sound unusual and unacceptable, but it turns out that entering the State of Israel is not automatic for visitors who are not residents or citizens. Except it’s not only for the State of Israel alone. International law permits each country to make a decision regarding the approval or refusal of a person to enter the territory under its sovereignty. In the State of Israel, authority is determined by section 10 of the Entry into Israel Law, which concerns the exclusion of those who are not allowed to enter. (…)
    In accordance with the provisions of section 2 (…), the Minister of the Interior may allow tourists to enter Israel to determine conditions for granting a visa or a residence permit (…), including the provision of a financial guarantee, a bank guarantee or other suitable guarantee to secure residence conditions in Israel. For example as a step to fight illegal immigration.
    In addition, the Ministry of the Interior and/or the Authority must adhere to the rules of administrative law when the decision is made to refuse a person’s entry into Israel and that the measures it takes are proportionate and reasonable.
    Other, sometimes contradictory objectives of encouraging incoming tourism to Israel between economic and cultural considerations, foreign policy considerations, and various humanitarian considerations, which deal with the connection between Israeli citizens and residents and tourists from around the world, must stand against the border official’s humiliation/humility [עניו].
    Refusal to enter Israel – what can be done?
    It is important not to handle this matter independently but rather to approach a lawyer who specializes in entry visas to Israel.


    [1] Hebrew Wikipedia: היתר כניסה לישראל [link obliterated by WordPress]
    [2] Hebrew Wikisource: חוק הכניסה לישראל, תשיב–1952 [link obliterated by WordPress]
    [3] Israel Advocate [link obliterated by WordPress]
    [4] Wikipedia: Visa policy of Israel § Visa exemption [link obliterated by WordPress]


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