How to Repair a Spoilt or Dead Cunt?

How to Repair a Spoilt or Dead Cunt?Not even by their foreskins or scrotum can rapers and killers repair a spoilt or dead cunt! Restliebe drecks votzen, bitte Träumt nicht nal im traum davon, dass jetzt alkes vorbei und vergessen ist! Mit mir wird es erst frieden geben, wenn ihr mit meinen göttern frieden macht… Continue reading How to Repair a Spoilt or Dead Cunt?

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Spirit in the Jar

Spirit in the Jar1 As I was goin' over the Cork and Kerry mountains I saw Captain Farrell and his money he was countin' I first produced my pistol and then produced my rapier I said, "Stand and deliver, or the devil he may take you!" R Musha ring dum a doo dam a da… Continue reading Spirit in the Jar