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Wen sollen wir lieben

Uwe 2019 1 Was wollen wir trinken, sieben Tage lang? Was wollen wir trinken? So ein Durst. Was wollen wir trinken, sieben Tage lang? Was wollen wir trinken? So ein Durst. Es wird genug für alle sein, wir trinken zusammen, roll das Fass mal rein. Wir trinken zusammen, nicht allein. Es wird genug für… Continue reading Wen sollen wir lieben

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Zweiter Brief An Vodafone und RedCom

An Vodafone 40543 Düsseldorf An Vodafone Shop Tübingen RedCom Neckargasse 1 Tübingen 72072 An RedCom Geschwister-Scholl-Str. 18 UG D-78549 Spaichingen Telefon: +49 (0)7121 69 67 995 Fax: +49 (0)7121 69 68 301 E-Mail: Unsere Transaktion Kunde Uwe Schweitzer Vodafone Rechnung 115836950895 Mobilfunk Bestellung VF Red XL und Red Plus Data inklusive iPad, aktiviert am… Continue reading Zweiter Brief An Vodafone und RedCom

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Witness BBB on Youtube

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Petition 091 Babylon and Langenscheidt

The Babylon and Langenscheidt dictionaries and translators could and should cooperate or marry some how.

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Founding Zsion Communities

Pro Pagan (Settlers, Peasants and Artisans Pro Prostitutes, Slaves and Workers Pro Samaris and Comforters Pro Jehovah Pro Zsion Pro Christ Pro Israel Pro Antijehovah? Pro Mother Earth For Humanity Pro Multi Party Inter Societies For Unity And Individuality Pro World Justice Pro Peace Pro Religious and Civil Freedom Pro Basic or Fundamental Human Rights… Continue reading Founding Zsion Communities

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Second Letter To all Jehovahs Witnesses

You have embezzled me our Mother Zion. You will pay your Zion, Sion AND Zsion Penny now. Please do not deserve another night of the sherds! For the beginning i need 1500 euro every month for renouncing my EMR and doing my job properly! Please trust me and invest some money in my work. It… Continue reading Second Letter To all Jehovahs Witnesses

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Witness Amy Whinehouse on Soundcloud Supporting Amy Whinehouse?!