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Global Diversification

Globale Arbeits Teilung Cultural Babylonia: Administration, Cities, Humanities, Legislation Roma: Steel and Iron, Justice, Trade Elena: Military Egypta: Crafts and Agriculture Political America: Media, Entertainment, Finance, Communication and Information Technology, Exploration, Science, Navy, Aerospace Britannia: Navy, Finance, Engines, Assurance Italia: Arts, Architecture, Fashion, Life Style, Luxury, Esthetics, Indulgence, Design Latina: Wood and Silver? Resources Russia:… Continue reading Global Diversification

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Second Letter To all Jehovahs Witnesses

You have embezzled me our Mother Zion. You will pay your Zion, Sion AND Zsion Penny now. Please do not deserve another night of the sherds! For the beginning i need 1500 euro every month for renouncing my EMR and doing my job properly! Please trust me and invest some money in my work. It… Continue reading Second Letter To all Jehovahs Witnesses

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Ach wie gerne

zahle ich 1000 Jahre meine Zinsen. Von gleich gläubigen und freunden fordere ich aber lieber keine zinsen.