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Inquestion Sonneberg

Inquestion SonnebergWarum ist Sonneberg in zwei territorien geteilt? Länder mit zwei oder mehr städten gibt es viele. Auch geteilte städte habe ich ein paar kennen gelernt. Aber städte mit zwei ländern? Wo gibt es denn so was? Und warum und wie kam es denn dazu?

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Witness Listverse “10 Poisons Used To Kill People”

Poison is definitely among fiction’s greatest weapons. Hercule Poirot and Sherlock Holmes seem to have developed the audience’s taste for untraceable, — Read on

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Witness The Independent “Alexander Lukashenko about Covid”

All the latest breaking news on Alexander Lukashenko. Browse The Independent’s complete collection of articles and commentary on Alexander Lukashenko. — Read on

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Inquisition Corona Plague

Inquisition Corona Plague Recently Donald Trump blamed China for being responsible for the world wide spread, greek diasporah, of the corona virus. Where does the plague really originate? In China or were the Chinese just and simply the first to discover and detect it? And then how did the virus come from China to America… Continue reading Inquisition Corona Plague

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Investigation Toilet Paper

Investigation and Inquiry Toilet Paper deutsch: Untersuchung und Anfrage Klo oder Toiletten Papier Why is there almost no toilet paper available in the shops in Deutschland or at least in Berlin? Reminder On my stay in Tel Aviv airport authority prison i decorated the wall of my arrest cell with an Israel star and my… Continue reading Investigation Toilet Paper

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Inquisition Dithrun Creutzberger

Inquisition Dithrun Creutzberger born Günzel? Did she commit or witness crimes against humanity during her service in Turkey? Her father wanted to have brought Adolf Eichmann to the SS, she told me once. Another question would be how this happened? By simple and harmless recommendation or arrangement or by some kind of unjustice or even… Continue reading Inquisition Dithrun Creutzberger

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Inquisition Astrid Teske

Inquisition Astrid Teske What contracts did she make in my name without asking or telling me? Every soul has the right to know his contracts, duties and memberships! Me too! Why do i not get my baggage sent to my new address in Berlin, what she promised me weeks ago? I need my documents, clothes,… Continue reading Inquisition Astrid Teske

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Inquisition Siegfried Schweitzer

Inquisition Siegfried Schweitzer What contracts did he make in my name without asking or telling me? Every soul has the right to know his contracts, duties and memberships! Me too! Did he commit or witness crimes against humanity? Did and does he disadvantage me to protect him self or others from justice? Deutscher Zusatz am… Continue reading Inquisition Siegfried Schweitzer

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Inquisition Loretto Klinik 2018

Inquisition Loretto Klinik 2018 What did i really undersign at my second hand operation in Tübingen Loretto Klinik 2018 in the changing cubicle with bad light without glasses and without time, so i could not read the full text? When i tried to get a copy of this document later, nobody seemed to know it.… Continue reading Inquisition Loretto Klinik 2018