Confession and Values

We Zionskinder love 💛 Father Jehovah, ❤️ his Daughter our Mother Zion, 💚 his Son our King Isa, 💙 Isas Bride our Queen Israel, 💖 Souls & Comunity, 💜 Psalm 87, ♥ Pagan Wisdom, Hebrew Tanakh, Greek Diatheka, Arabic Koran, Latin Vulgata, English Information, Intersocial Law, KZ. ♥ We do not love but respect Antijehovah too. ♥


We like

  • Pagan Wisdom
  • Jacobine Hebrew Tanakh
  • Christian Greek Diatheka
  • Latin Vulgata
  • Muslim Arab Quran
  • English Information
  • Psalm 87
  • Souls & Community
  • Intersocial Law
  • KZ

We are working with Jehovahs heavenly government and try to rescue as many humans as possible through the great tribulation and the inevitable next world war “state against state” announced by our King Jesus Isa.

8 million jews or Jehovahs witnesses seem us far too less. Several hundred millions could and should survive from the now 8 billion earthlings.