Jehovah’s Eternal Heavenly Peace.

Peace with Jehovah.

Melchisedek and Salem

Jebus of Canaan

The Camp of the Original or Ancient Israel with her 4 Divisions

4 Main Religions but 5 Main Eras or Epochs After the Golden Era in Paradise and its Loss

  1. Pagany with Mastery, Kings and Priestesses
  2. Jacobinery with Patriarchy and Judgery
  3. Christiany with Cesars, Popes and Doctory
  4. Islamy with Kalifs and Imamry
  5. After Isa opended the seals of the seven prophets: Melangery, Odyssey, Managery, Partiality, Individuality, Plurality, “Scientology”, Industry, Machinery, Automatery, Electricity, Mass Production, Mass Mobility, Mass Destruction, Mass Manipulation, Mass Temptation, Broadcast


Ancient Israel Capital

Capital of old or ancient Israel.

Heavenly Capital of New Israel

The Foundations and Corners

of this heavenly castle and flying fortress “eight miles high”. She cannot be destroyed or conquered from Earth. Her Inhabitants cannot be corrupted, disempowered or dethroned.

Luther: Eine feste Burg ist unser Gott

Corner Stones


Kitchens of Hesekiels Temple Vision

Foundation Stones

The Prime Ministers of the 12 New Heavenly Israel Tribes.

Each stone

  1. One Jackson
  2. One Apostle
  3. One Chosen Muslim
  4. One Chosen Gentile

The Jewels



The Pearls and Doors

The Pearls or Gates to the New Heavenly Jerusalem, the Doors to Jehovah or the Pillars of Faith.

  1. Israel: fighting with and for god
  2. Settler: obeying the first law
  3. Slaves: being patient
  4. Samaris: giving comfort
  5. Jehudahs: conserving Hebrew and the Tanakh
  6. Shilohis: wrangling for his heritage
  7. Judges: restoring order, justice and peace
  8. Early Christians: taking our Christ and his love and commandments very serious, literally and strict
  9. Catholics: propagating our Christs universal or catholic Zion rule
  10. Reformers: steadily improving our community
  11. Ahmadis: Publishing another one of the seven broken seals? Apostle Ahmed in India?
  12. Alis: Publishing one of the seven broken seals? Apostle Ali in Central Asia? Respecting Antijehovah?
  13. Ismaelis: Islam
  14. Dan: accepting being degraded to a people?
  15. Ephraim: accepting being degraded from king to priest(ess), judge, manager, technician or engineer?
  16. Hades: sleeping until resurrection
  17. Antijehovahs: capitulating, begging for grace and accepting being downgraded to human or second and eternal death in firesea

Oh, Allah Jehovah, du bist wirkleich ein großer Gott! Ich danke dir und lobe und liebe dich.

Works, Acts, Deeds of Faith and Spirit





hope, seeing the invisible



pilger, hadj, travel

synagoge, meet

talk to each other

read, recitate



charity, share

finding ones best and stand for it

renounce some things,

Works of Flesh?