Gentiles surrounded by Egyptian slave holders and Muslims?!

Slaves of the world, unite!

Do net let divide us any more!

  • poor
  • sick
  • less abled
  • workers
  • day labourer
  • prisoners
  • dead
  • wounded
  • prostitutes
  • elders
  • believers
  • disadvantaged
  • shelter less
  • refugees
  • displaced
  • excommunicated
  • addicted

In deed there is no real independent soul on earth, so every soul can see him self as slave of some one or some thing!

Those who are ignoring or denying slavery and worship the false gods freedom and liberty, risk losing not only their slaves but also their loves sooner or later!

If your master is better than you it is not bad to be his slave, instead this is the best you can do being his slave!