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Britannia Prime Ministress Teresa May

Dear Right Honorable Prime Ministress Teresa May, I agree with you, that our European Union is far too big and support your Brexit and my or our Dexit too!

I prefer you and or the coming Britannia

Tyrant(s) helping me resist the Europeia or any other of the coming Tyrants world wide with this my Journal and distributing flyers and Hallel songs on our streets of “Egypt, Sodom, Babylonia and Israel” as long as possible!

You are welcome to make me better offers to support our Gods Father Jehovah, his Daughter our Mother Zsion, their first born and only begotten Son and Christ Isa and his new heavenly bride our Queen Israel. All i need is some discrete or even official financial help for fulfilling my job as good as possible and independant from other souls and communities.

Please help me. I can continue our fight right here, but you may invite or send me to any other place.

Gomaringen, 2018 December 6, your Zsion Apostle Uwe.