Please Donate

deutsch: Bitte intelligent Spenden

Voluntary Donations

Though my p or distraint protection bank account allows me 1180 euros income per month, i have to live with the deutschlander minimum of existence, which is about 432 euos. This is not even enough for the most important food and clothes.

Therefore please! I beg your pardon!

If you appreciate this work and can afford, please donate something. Every smallest amount counts. Preferred purpose welcome but not necessary.

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1. Reisebank Cash Paying In and Bank Order

deutsch: Reisebank bar einzahlung und überweisung.

IBAN DE28 5123 0800 0000 0680 16

Referenz 7589-1321-4653-0568

2. Deutsche Bank Account

Uwe Schweitzer

DE55 6407 0024 0133 5322 00


3. Standard USD Pay Pal Donation

My Pay Pal Web Site

4. Standard GBP Pay Pal Donation

My Pay Pal Web Site

5. Pay Pal Me

6. Pay Pal Money Pool