Judges’ Code

Judges’ Code


Justice Principles

  • Nulla poena sin lege!
  • The more carefully selected?! witnesses the better the probability of finding some truth for best possible judging!
  • Anonymous traces can often be spreaded more or less easily and authentically by every soul who knows the crime scene and the suspect to mislead the judges. To prevent this the investigators must judge the trustworthiness of each single evidence. For example it is very easy to place hairs of a suspect everywhere to make him suspicious! To place other samples could be more difficult but possible! So all traces should be read in both directions, pointing from the crime scene to the originator or from the originator or crime scene to one of his confusers, persecutors or enemies. We can trust these traces only if it is very likely that the suspect laid the traces him self! Only if trace origin and trace layer probably coincide!

Investigation and Inquisition





Crime Scene


Court Scene




Penalty Execution

Substitution of damage, loss and suffering

Files and Convictions

Connected electronic files can be changed almost without leaving any traces even from far distances. Files should be made by hand or machine not by connected computers and be moved to each new responsible court for every new residence or domicile of its “owner”. So every judge can review any former sentences and convictions to adapt the penalty for the next sentence if necessary on repetition of crimes.

no punishment, arrest or detention or deportation, banning for arbitrary, personal or private reasons

Judging Values


Anyone arrested or detained shall be informed at the time of arrest of the reasons and the charges against him.

Anyone arrested shall be brought promptly before a judge and shall be entitled to trial within a reasonable time or to release.

Anyone victim of unlawful treatment shall have an enforceable right to compensation or substitute.

Accused souls can be segregated from convicted ones? Unequal treatment of slaves?

  • No one shall be imprisoned merely on the ground of inability to fulfil a contractual obligation?
  • Aliens (Any one) shall only be expelled a territory only by law or decision of a judge.

    Any excommunion only by a public decision with reasons of a tribunal of that concerning community.