Species, Distribution, Attributes and Change of Time, Spirit? Space, Matter or Mass and Energy and the Forces between.

No Border of Knowledge about Biggest and Smallest Worlds?!

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0 New States

1 + 2 Spaces and Times = Spacetimes

3 Zsion

4 The Christ

5 Israel

6 High Spirits

7 Sabaoth

8 + 9 Our Parents Uranus und Gea

10 Souls and Communities

11 Jerusalem

12 Paradise Restored

Principia Physicalis?

english physical? principles

1. resistance to change

2. pursuit of change

3. conservation of Uranus

4. (re) generation of space, time, light, energy, matter and atoms


Continuous versus Discontinuous Distribution

Homogenious versus Dishomogenious Distribution

greek atomos undividable (mass or matter)?


Fundamental Force


Chemical Element

Living Cell

Chemical Reaction and Molecule Bond

Mass State: Atomic Gas, Molecular Gas, Atomic Liquid, Molecular Liquid, Atomic Solid, Molecular Solid, Crystal, Highly Excited or Plasma?

Atomic State: Singular Gas, Molecular Gas, Solid, Polymer or Chrystal or Metallic, Excited, Positive or Negative Ionic

Electron States



Atomic Nucleus and Electron Shell

Energy State: fundamental and excited

Gravitational Potential

Electric Potential

Atomic Change: Fusion. Fission. alfa, beta and gamma Decay.

Light Spectrum and Spectral Lines

Electron States: Free or Bound. Quantum Numbers?