Jehovah = “I will show you, that i am your true and best god.”

The supreme god and legislator.

God of all gods.

Love and Spirit

Not ecen the heavenly government of Jesus and Israel will make laws. He wants to be respected as every souls creator and father and likes to be our personal and private friend, like with Adam and Eve at their beginning in paradise on earth. By the way, they lived under the threat of death penalty executed by Jehovah even in paradise.

He is our unique god and supreme and best possible

  • singularity
  • individuality
  • personality
  • universality
  • unity
  • community
  • legality
  • souvereignty
  • loyality
  • spirituality
  • amity
  • reality
  • necessarity
  • regularity
  • insularity
  • officialarity
  • familiarity
  • popularity
  • equality
  • quality
  • quantity
  • numerousity
  • eternality
  • unequality
  • balancity
  • loveability

He can be seen as community of any given number of spirits or souls, trinity included.

His positive gifts of spirit are

  • love
  • justice
  • peace
  • patience
  • joy