Violent Seizure

Violent Seizure

To take some thing not granted or allowed by our gods.

We should not seperate, what our gods have joined.

And we should not unite, what our gods separated.

Original Drafts

Horn Animals

Animal Horns

Keil und Horn des deutschen Staates

Tränenpalast 5

Whore Babylon the Great

Rauchen ist tödlich!

Totalitarian States

The Wound of the Beast


see David and his rebel son Absalom too

or David’s other son with a sister

Eve ad Adam

They trusted more in Antijehovah than their best friend and father Jehovah. Made their own first human laws. Empowered by Antijehovah over them selves and their neighbours, their children.


became jealous to his brother Abel and his blessings, who had a deeper understanding of and friendship to their god Jehovah

Angel Demons

desired human intercourse. By materialising them selves, they came down on earth, took women and generated the so called Nephilim, violent and brutal bastards. They threatened whole humanity and creation. Maybe they are the offspring of the greek mythology and gods.


Nimrod from Babylon founded the first earthen state by uniting all earthen powers in his city of Babel and constructing a sky scraper tower.

Pharaoh ?

founded the first world power and empire Egypt by uniting the two seperated peoples of the Mizrajim and Pathrusim.

Dan and Ephraim

separated Samaria from Jerusalem and Judea and founded their own state and kingdom.


Both acted Against the Resistance of our Gods and their souls and communities. We have to assume that this was only possible by disadvantaging believing and obeying souls and or communities.

Horn Animals

Animal Horns

Horns and Wedges of our Communities and States

deutsch: Hörner und Spaltkeile unserer Gemeinschaften und Staaten