Zsion or World Chronicle and Ages

Our chronicle and history seen as struggle between concurrent souls and communities, especially between the political and religious states and tribes of Mother Zsion for Jehovahs heritage his heavenly government and world rule and paradise restored on Mother Earth.

Karl Marxes class struggle (klassen kampf) is out!

Hitler’s Krampf the like! Only one sentence is remarkable, that politicians should take responsibility for their sayings and deeds.


Chronicles can be written by order of

  • spiritual events
  • religious and political change of states and their parties and communities
  • dynasties: subsequent rulers out of the same community, family, clan, people or party
  • cultural and technological ages

Some times this order itself may change.


Church State Chronicle

Italia Chronicle

Turkia Chronicle

World Rule Plots and Conspiracies

World Chronicle

Die 13 Ursünden

Chronicle of the Slaves

Genesis Zwo Uwe

Jehovahs Kingdom Mother Zsion



:Lost Paradise Law

:The Ancient Israel Laws

:The Christian Laws of Love

:Mohammeds Muslim Law

:Human Rights and Duties

:Civil Rights and Duties

Global Diversification

The Tribes of Antijehovah

The four tails and the four Holes of the Dragon

Adams Fivesome Intercourse with the Dragon

Eves fivesome intercourse with the dragon

The present five most influential States and Communities

The 144000 Holies


The 12 Tribes of New Heavenly Israel





Daughter Zsion


Angels or Spirits



Stars and planets


Mother Earth








Human Chronicle

and Ages

Golden Age

Adam and Eve as Jehovahs Friends in Paradise

First Age of the Gentiles

Their Loss of personal Friendship with Jehovah and Expulsion from Eden thus becoming first Gentiles

Cain and Abel


Demons on Earth and their Nephilim

Noah, Sem, Ham and Japhet and their surviving of the great flood


The First Settlers: Africa, India, India Islands, Asia, China, Europeia, Atlantic Islands, West India and Americas, Pacific Islands: Australia, Melanesia, Polynesia, Antarctica

Nimrod and Babylonia

Writing: Cuneiform in Clay, Ink on Papyros and Pergament, Canaan, Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, Latin, Sanskrit, Chinese, Arabic

Patriarchs regaining personal friendship with Jehovah

Confusion of Lingua and Culture, First Peoples and Languages

Pharaoh and Egypta

Age of Jacobines

Second (earthen) Israel by Jack

Maritim Peoples: Javan, Kittim, Kaphtorim, Mykena, Minoa, Philistea

Sea Trade, Purple, Sidon, Tyros, Punica, Carthage, Tarshish, Hannibal

Israel slavery

Liberation and First Israel state by Moses


Joshua and the conquest of Canaan

Gauls and Celts?


Kingdom of Saul, David and Salomo

Civil War with Division of the Israel Kingdom into Judea and Samaria

Assyria with downfall of Samaria

Nebukadnezar and Chaldea with downfall of remaining Judean Israel

The 7 Ages of the Gentiles

70 years of Babylonia exile

Darius and Media with Kyros and and Persia with reconstruction of Jerusalem with walls and second temple

Zarathustra and Parsis

Hindis and Buddha

Greek Pantheon and Philosophs

Alexander and Ellas, Ellenia

Ptolemaia and Seleukia


Cesars, Cleopatra and Roma: New Calendar, Iron, Concrete

Prophet Christ Jesus

Age of Christians

Early Christians


Prostitution with the Roman Empire, Roman Christian State, Constantine and Byzantia

Age of Catholics, Church State, Popes and Monks, Vulgata, Concurrency and Dualism between Church and State, Pope and Cesar

Attila, Huns

Barbarian Invasion, Decline of the Roma Imperium, Germanic peoples or tribes?

Followers and Inheritors of the Roma Empire: Greek, Bulgaria, Germania or Europeia and Persia Sassanid or Arab Holy Empires


Normans, Vikings and Scandinavia

Djingis Khan and Mongolia

Age of Muslims and Islam

Mohammed as preliminary Seal of the Prophets

Orthodox Greek and Slavonic Church(es)

Shiat Ali

Arab, Italia, Ottoman, Latina and Russia Empires: Earth Discovery, Colonisation and Christianisation

Opening of the 7 Seals of the Prophets

Eremits, Monks, Nuns and Monasteries

Scholars and their Arts: ?


Humanists and Reformators: Renaissance of Greek culture or Antiquity Revival, People’s Bibles, Erasmus, Tyndale, Wycliff, Jan Hus, Hussites, Mennonites, Hugenots, Anglicans, Dissenters, Puritans, Martin Luther, Zwingli, Jean Calvin, King James

1802 – 1806, Wahhabis and Saudis

Age of the New Prophets

with many reforms: new communities, gods and religions. Enlightenment, Capitalism

Free Masons

Methodists, Pietists


Economy and Finance

Empire Britannia: Steam Engine, Industrialisation, Rail Way, Marine Supremacy, Common Waelth of Nations

Europeia Wars and Revolutions: Austria, Helvetia and Switzerland, 1618 -1648 Deutschland Civil War, Prussia, French Revolution, Napoleon, Code Civil, Vienna Congress, Restoration, 1848 Revolutions, Zollverein, Deutscher Bund, 1870, 1871 Deutsch Französischer Krieg, Deutsches Reich, Österreich Ungarn, Dreibund

Humanities: Philology, Sociology, Politology, Ethnology, Psychology, Archeology, Pedagogy

Science: Chemistry, Physics

Engineering: (Steam) Engines, Railway, Systeme international, Electrification, Telecommunication

New Gentiles: Atheists, Evolutionists, Materialists, World Gentilisation

New Jacobines: World Zionism, World Meautement, Administration, Strategy, Bureaucratism, Management,

Political Parties: Socialists, Democratis, Liberals, Conservatives, Communism, Zionists, Imperialists, Anarchism, Terrorism, Internationalists, Fascists, Nationalists, Religionists

New Christians: Mormons, Adventists, New Apostolics, Bible Students, World Christianisation, Bible Societies, Baptists, Pentecoasters, Presbyters, Congregationalists, Quakers

New Muslims: Ahmadiyya, World Islamisation

New Communities and interest associations: New Olympia, Sport and football clubs, Police, Red Cross, Colored Crosses, Scouts, Fraternities

New Cities and States

American Wars and Revolutions: American Civil War, Mexico

Latina Wars and Revolutions: Simon Bolivar, Fidel Castro, Cuba, Che Guevara

New Greece, New Hellas

New Italia

New Apocalypsis Revealed

Wollt ihr Zeugen Jehovahs den untergang aller religionen oder staaten?

1914, Inauguration of King Isa and his Bride New Heavenly Israel with beginning of Jehovahs Judgement Day with witnesses. Banning Antijehovah and his demons down to earth into us humans. Freat War, WW 1.

World Urbanisation: concentration of the economic powers and riches into the big babylonia cities.

1917, Russia Revolution: USSR

1919, League of Nations, Völker Bund, Age of Submarine, Air and Space Discovery

Turkia Revolution

New Egyptia World Inslavement, Incumbrance, Pharmacation, Criminalisation and Prostitution with concentration of human addiction

Japan or Nippon Empire

WW 2

1945, United Nations, World Reformation: New Ellena Democratisatiom and New Roma Capitalisation and Republicanisation of the World. with concentration of human rights and social justice


1948, New jewish state Israel

Worls Tourism

World Tribalisation

Afrabia Wars and Revolutions:

Asia Wars and Revolutions: PR China, Indonesia, Korea, Vietnam

Aria Wars and Revolutions: India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Iran, Kurdistan

European Union

1968 Flower Power, Ecology, Peace Movement, Student ?

1990, Downfall of the USSR

New Babylonia Globalisation of trade and commerce, Internet

Resistance of the Mother of all Earthen States against all reforms efforts of all symbolic 10 earthen kings resulting in their some kind of refuge and exile.

New Babylonia Interstate Super State World Tribunal for this Mother of all earthen states with their blasphemic names. Big Question: Which influential earthen state gave birth to all others? Are there any documents and concordates of their foundation left?

World Revolution with coming home of the symbolic 10 earthen kings without former power

World Peace or Pacification

World War 3 with concentration of human power with downfall of most minor earthen states. The result will show us the literal 10 most cruel of our earthen kings.

Great Tribulation under the rule of the revealed Dragon with many scars and wounds

Downfall of the last 10 plus 1 states on Earth by Jehovah’s or his angel’s personal hand

Age of the Millenium Rule of Heavens over all souls and communities on Mother Earth with Restauration of Paradise, Awakening of the majority of the dead and Healing of the Survivors

Last temptation of Antijehovah before his execution

Everlasting Heavenly Peace = New Jerusalem for the whole Creation with becoming humans of all inferiour spirits including angels and the heavenly government. (Remember: The first rebellion began in heavens by an angel son of Jehovah!) Then Jehovah can and will be every thing for every soul and community!