Criminal Code

Criminal Code


  1. against our Spirits
  1. against our Lifes
  1. against our Bodiy or flesh
  1. against our Havings, Belingings, Posessions, Properties
  2. against our Rights ans Duties?


  • verjährung

Deed Motivation

  • emergency
  • self defense
  • accidential
  • uncarefullness
  • intention


  • spiritual
  • biological
  • fleshly
  • physical

Substitution of damages, losses and sufferings


  • prison
  • (death) Reversible only by supreme gods, so states not using it, may be should not think about it. Other states should not be forced to abolish it because even in paradise death penalty was threatening Adam and Eve! But they should do their best to prevent (political or religious) abuse of this kind of killing!
  • payment
    medical or surgical treatment (some medical treatments may be even worse than making eunuchs!) Both should apply only by the patients own wish or by repetition of crime because many treatments have severe unwanted side effects and are often irreversible because our metabolism adopts many chemicals too. And metabolism is part of our physis alike each of our organs!
    ban to a refuge city, a kind of best possible internment
    observation, guardianship, custodianship, tutelage, wardship or trusteeship of single souls AND communities inclusive political parties against the constitution and state and interstate laws instead of forbidding or isolating them